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Vendor Selection 2018

Many people view security products as commodities – choose the tool and check the box. Reality is showing us that security is not that simple. Rather than going with whomever gave the slickest sales presentation or lowest price, selecting the right vendor has to be more methodical given what’s at stake. In this webinar, independent information security consultant, professional speaker, and writer of numerous security books including Hacking For Dummies, Kevin Beaver, will share some common mistakes and oversights he sees people making when procuring security products and services for their businesses. From endpoints, out to the cloud, and everything in between, there are criteria that must be considered and questions that must be asked if the security controls are to be a good fit and effective long term. Join us to find out what you can to do maximize your investment in security technologies up front so you don’t have to revisit things when you realize you went down the wrong path.

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