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SANS Nex-Gen Endpoint Risk and Protection

Endpoints, especially user endpoints, are where most attacks get started, according to multiple SANS surveys. However, next-generation endpoint controls, while progressing, are not keeping up with the variety of devices and threats. SANS survey on next-generation endpoint risks and protections, covers how the endpoint landscape has changed in the past year and what IT security teams have done to improve their security posture. SANS explores whether or not organizations’ tools and services are up to next-generation demands.

Key takeaways include:

  • How organizations manage risks related to the variety of endpoints on their systems
  • Respondent definitions of next-generation security
  • Features users need that they’re not getting with current controls
  • Level of automation organizations are achieving to detect, protect and remediate
  • Best practices advice from those working in the field of endpoint risks and protections

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