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The Real Costs of Cybercrime and the Defender’s Dilemma


Organizations globally are experiencing a high incidence of phishing attacks, malware and ransomware attacks, and data breaches leading to significant increase in endpoint remediation costs. In fact, 73 percent of organizations globally were impacted by security threats.

Security professionals globally find themselves continually defending against a rapidly evolving and increasingly sophisticated threat landscape that exploits the outdated and inadequate endpoint protection solutions currently deployed leading to the defender’s dilemma. Watch the replay to learn about the rapidly evolving threat landscape, the real costs of cybercrime, and cybersecurity techniques to prevent, detect and respond against these cyberthreats.

Key Takeaways

  • In-depth research on today’s threat landscape
  • Findings from the Osterman Research survey
  • The growing threat of black hat activity across the globe
  • The real costs and impact of cybercrime on businesses
  • Endpoint security techniques to prevent, detect and respond against today’s sophisticated cyberthreats

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