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Cybersecurity: How to Win the Big Game

All winning teams start with a game plan. When you’re captain of your IT team — you need to make a cybersecurity game plan to protect against advanced threats. Schools are prime examples of targets for evolving threats. With tight budgets, wide open campuses, and diverse endpoints — it’s no wonder attacks on schools, like ransomware, have multiplied in recent months. Despite the challenges, it’s up to IT and security professionals to gain a clear understanding of their security threats and create a winning game plan for their team.

Whether you’re an IT security professional working for an organization or an educational institution, attend this webinar to see what schools are doing to protect against cyberthreats and discover game changers you can bring to your team to create a winning cybersecurity game plan.

Listen to this webinar and you will:

  • Learn solutions to prevent and remove threats
  • Identify the key security threats IT teams face
  • Get insight and advice from those who have addressed cybersecurity challenges
  • Walk away with a game plan on how to win back control of your endpoints

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