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Cryptojacking & Coinhive: The Risks Are Real

Less than a year ago, Coinhive changed the history of cryptomining. In September 2017, Coinhive launched a service that enabled the mining of the Monero digital currency—directly within a web browser.

The Coinhive API offers access for website owners to deploy a miner on their site, have it communicate with the Coinhive remote server, and allow the miners to run on user systems, without user permission. This capability creates a vast attack surface for threat actors to exploit to their advantage.


  • The techniques, tactics, and procedures utilized within the Coinhive exploit
  • How can Coinhive impact your IOT devices. And the consequences if your organization is compromised.
  • The key indicators of compromise (IOC) that may impact your business
  • What you can do to proactively protect your business from Coinhive and other threats

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