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3 Simple Steps to a Secure Remote Workplace

Listen to Malwarebytes Chief Information Officer, Greg Higham, for an essential discussion on the steps required to secure your remote workforce.

The gravity of global events supersedes what a few weeks ago was our daily routine. As we take responsible “social distance” measures required to address this crisis, cybersecurity professionals are working together to ensure we can still stay digitally connected, securely.To address today’s realities, organizations must plan for and deploy strategies of remote worker cyber resilience. Malwarebytes will share best practices for a secure workforce.

Key Webinar Takeaways:

  • Maintain device “hygiene” through automated, remote remediation.
  • Secure personal devices that are now being used by employees for work.
  • Act by quickly isolating recovering compromised endpoints before they cause damage.
  • Ensure remote workers are always protected from threats, even when not connected.
  • Leverage expert incident responders to recover remote worker’s endpoints.

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